What is the Cobalt Live Badging integration for Lenel OnGuard?

Integration Overview

The OnGuard Live Badging integration (powered by Telaeris) enables Cobalt robots to authenticate badge credentials directly against a live OnGuard security system. When an employee presents their physical badge to a Cobalt robot, the robot will forward the badge credentials to the Telaeris XpressEntry API. The API will then record the badge scan into OnGuard and respond to the Cobalt robot with the current status of the requested badge. The Cobalt robot can then present the badge scan result to the employee and interact with the employee if they need assistance. More information can be found on Telaeris's website.

Features and Benefits


  • Real-time badging integration between the Cobalt robot and OnGuard
  • Ensures the Cobalt robot always has access to the most recent badge roster
  • Mobile badge challenging after hours and on weekends
  • Automated escalation to a GSOC operator when an unauthorized individual is detected
  • Complete badge scan auditing within OnGuard


  • Cobalt robot acts like an emergency badge reader if a physical reader goes down or a door is broken
  • Live syncing of badge roster ensures accurate badge scan results
  • Mobile badge challenging in restricted areas, after hours and on weekends
  • Seamless integration with OnGuard provides a complete paper trail, including images, live video, timestamps and badge status for the customer

Key Market Applications

Cobalt's service provides security in corporate environments like offices, warehouses, and data centers – just like corporate security guards. Cobalt’s clients typically have pursued automation in their core businesses, but have security programs full of manual workflows.

Cobalt allows manual security workflows to be automated with an integrated, robotically-enabled, remote guard service. Cobalt's service includes:

  • On-site robotics
  • Web and cloud software
  • Machine learning systems
  • Remote security specialists
  • On-site maintenance and repair

Cobalt’s solution allows clients to automate certain types of guard posts, creating a host of benefits:

  • Repetitive tasks like inspections are done better and more consistently
  • By enabling direct, mobile connection with a GSOC, the level of human judgment on-site at an incident is raised
  • Data collection and programmatic responses are machine level consistent
  • A highly visible sign that the corporate security program values it's people and implements automation to help them
  • Substantial ROI from filling unfilled posts and/or displacing guard labor

Integration Compatibility

The OnGuard Live Badging integration is compatible with OnGuard <>+