Robot Patrol Pose Map (breadcrumbs)

Get an idea of where the robot has been patrolling.

What is a robot pose map?

While the robot is out patrolling, it regularly records it's location within the map that has been built for your site. This data is typically stored for about a week, and can be plotted onto the map. An example plot can be seen below. The trail in black connects each consecutive pose recorded by the robot as it moves.


What are the limitations?

Like noted above, the pose data is only stored for about a week. Also, over a time range with many patrols, the robot can cover the same area many times so the map may lose some of its value. The pose data is also dependent on the robot's awareness of its surroundings, if it gets lost temporarily or the map gets out of date due to a shifting environment, you may see anomalies in the map.

How can I get robot pose maps?

If you'd like to have pose maps included as part of your regular reports, reach out to and let us know!
In most circumstances we can also build a map on the fly if you have a one-time request. Once a member of our support team has received the request, we should be able to provide the map within an hour or two.
Maps are sent as PNG image files.