Networking FAQ

An overview of frequently asked questions regarding Cobalt networking abilities.

  1. What happens to video when the robot is using cell vs wifi? 
    1. Video streaming to the Cobalt customer dashboard can function on wifi or cell (assuming the cell quality is good enough). There may be short dropouts when the robot is switching between wifi and cell.
    2. Video streaming to a VMS (through Cobalt cloud) can function on cellular or wifi.
    3. Video streaming to a VMS (over local network) will not be able to function when the robot is on cell.
    4. Video logs recorded by us are all on the robot and unaffected by network situation (we do require connection to fulfill any request for these though).
  2. What happens to Event streaming when the robot is using cell vs wifi?
    1. Events can be uploaded to specialists over cell or wifi.
    2. If the robot has no connection when it is trying to upload it, it will store it locally temporarily, and upload it next time it checks and there is connection.