Required permissions for the Genetec API user

These are the permissions you'll need to grant to the Cobalt Robotics user in Genetec for the integration to work properly.

To change permissions of the Cobalt user in Genetec:

  1. Open the Config Tool application.
  2. Open the "User management" task.
  3. Select the "cobaltrobotics" user (or whichever user you have created for Cobalt to use).
  4. Select the "Privileges" tab.
  5. Find each of the permissions you need to allow by following the table below, and click the "Allow" bubble for each.
  6. Click "Apply" in the lower-right corner to save your changes.

Permissions marked with ✅ are required for that integration to function.

Permissions marked with ℹ️ may be required depending on your use case. It is simpler to grant these permissions from the beginning. If the note does not clarify, you can discuss with your Cobalt representative to determine whether this permission is required for your use case.

Permissions are explicitly specified. Cobalt does not need all permissions under a permission category unless explicitly requested.

  Access Control Monitoring Camera Monitoring Tailgate Monitoring
Application privileges      
→Log on using the SDK  
Physical entities      
→View camera properties ℹ️ 1
→View streaming info ℹ️ 1
→View video unit properties ℹ️ 1
→View door properties  
Action privileges      
→Acknowledge alarms    
→Edit alarm context    
→Forward alarms    
→Trigger alarms    
→View playback ℹ️ 1    
→View live video ℹ️ 1
→Play a sound ℹ️ 3    
→Send a message ℹ️ 3    
→Send an email ℹ️ 3    
Task privileges      
→Zone activities    
→Access Control      
→Area activities    
→Cardholder activities    
→Area presence    
→Credential activities    
→Elevator activities    
→Visitor activities    
→Door activities  


ℹ️ 1    

→Camera events

→Access control      
→Access control unit events    
Administrative privileges      
→Logical entities      
→View area properties    
→Physical entities      
→View zone properties    
→View access control unit properties    
→View door properties  
→Alarm management    
→View alarm properties    
→Modify alarm properties ℹ️ 2    
→Add alarms ℹ️ 2    
→Alarm report    
→Alarm monitoring    

1. This permission is required if Cobalt's robot will be unable to access certain doors that should be monitored by Cobalt.

2. This is not required but makes future configuration changes, such as new Cobalt alarms, easier.

3. This is not required at this time, but Cobalt may prefer to use these mechanisms to communicate with the SOC in the future.