What is the Cobalt Access Control Monitoring integration?

Cobalt robots respond to alarms in real time, automatically acknowledging false alarms and escalating incidents as necessary. As Cobalt robots patrol, confirmed anomalies are escalated in an access control system (ACS).

Integration Overview

The Cobalt Access Control Monitoring integration enables Cobalt robots to listen to ACS alarms and dispatch to the alarm location in real time after an alarm is triggered. After arriving at the scene, the Cobalt robot will inspect the environment for evidence of a breach. In the event of a false alarm, the Cobalt robot will automatically acknowledge the alarm in the ACS (Genetec / OnGuard / CCure). In the event of a real incident, the Cobalt robot will escalate the incident in the ACS, stand guard and provide situational awareness until the issue is resolved.

This integration also enables Cobalt robots to escalate incidents to the ACS, for example when anomalies are detected by the robot.

Features and Benefits


  • Real-time alarm integration between the Cobalt robot and the ACS (Genetec / OnGuard / CCure)
  • Automated robot dispatch to investigate alarms
  • Alarm queueing based on priority - the robot will prioritize higher priority alarms over lower priority alarms
  • Complete paper trail of the alarm investigation. The robot will create the following events
    • AlarmReceivedByCobalt
    • CobaltRobotDispatchedToAlarm
    • CobaltRobotPaused
    • CobaltRobotResolvedAlarm
    • CobaltRobotEscalatedAlarm
  • Automated alarm resolution when the alarm is a false positive
  • Automated alarm escalation to a GSOC operator when the alarm requires human support


  • Reduces cognitive and physical load on roving guards and GSOC operators by over 95%
  • Eliminates the communication burden between GSOC operators and roving guards for alarm response dispatch
  • Ensure that all alarms are responded to in a timely manner and no alarms are forgotten during high-load situations
  • Provides a complete paper trail, including images, live video, timestamps, response time and resolution for the customer
  • Cobalt’s service can perform certain guard posts at about half the cost of a traditional guard company

Key Market Applications

Cobalt's service provides security in corporate environments like offices, warehouses, and data centers – just like corporate security guards. Cobalt’s clients typically have pursued automation in their core businesses, but have security programs full of manual workflows.

Cobalt allows manual security workflows to be automated with an integrated, robotically-enabled, remote guard service. Cobalt's service includes:

  • On-site robotics
  • Web and cloud software
  • Machine learning systems
  • Remote security specialists
  • On-site maintenance and repair

Cobalt’s solution allows clients to automate certain types of guard posts, creating a host of benefits:

  • Repetitive tasks like inspections are done better and more consistently
  • By enabling direct, mobile connection with a GSOC, the level of human judgment on-site at an incident is raised
  • Data collection and programmatic responses are machine level consistent
  • A highly visible sign that the corporate security program values it's people and implements automation to help them
  • Substantial ROI from filling unfilled posts and/or displacing guard labor

Supported Systems

To read more about this integration for your ACS, see our currently-supported systems: