Genetec Live Badging Customer Installation Checklist

Overview for Setting up xPressEntry with Genetec

  1. Ensure the xPressEntry license is installed.
  2. Send an email to to setup meeting for installing xPressEntry on the server.
    1. Sample Email
    1. Hello Telaeris,
      We are installing xPressEntry at <customer site> to integrate badging with Cobalt Robotics. <ask to setup a time for installation>
  1. Create a door in Security Desk for each robot on the site. The doors should be named "robot_<robot_name>". Reach out to Cobalt Robotics for the robot_name to use.
  2. Before finishing up configuration with a Cobalt robot, the following information is required to be given to Cobalt:
    1. xpeServerIP: IP address of the XPressEntry server that the robot will communicate with.
    2. xpePort: Leave at 30001 for HTTPS or change to 30000 for HTTP.
    3. verifySSL: 0 doesn't require the robot to have signed the certificate and is insecure but acceptable in some circumstances. Ask the customer what they would like to do. Use 1 to require the robot to have a signed certificate. For signed certificates, reach out to Telaeris to setup.
  3. Next, configure xPressEntry with the cobalt robot. This will require assistance by a Cobalt application engineer. Get them on the phone and do the following steps together.
    1. Open Tools/"Add Handheld Wizard"
    2. Select second options Set number of devices and handhelds as you go
    3. Set number of new devices to 1
    4. Now have the Cobalt Application Engineer do an xPressEntry Sync.
    5. You should see the robot appear on xpressentry and the number of new devices go back to 0.
    6. In XPressEntry, go to "Add/Edit Info" tab and then Readers
    7. In handhelds section on the left, select the latest handheld. Change name if desired. Set door to the door created in Genetec for the robot. If the door isn't showing up, a database sync may need to happen: Tools/Settings/"Data manager"/"Partial Sync Now".
  4. Now check that a badge scan works. Have the Cobalt application engineer test with a known badge number. Confirm the test badge scan wa successful.
  5. The application engineer with save the configuration and the robot is now sucessfully integrated with the Genetec live badging.