Project Lead Times

How much time is needed for O&M to plan, coordinate, and execute projects?

Bottom Line Up Front

The following lead times apply to deployments, demos, and any project that requires the bring up and transportation of a new, standard robot. Customizations may increase these lead times substantially, so we've provided more information in the paragraphs below. Lead times are in days unless otherwise stated. 

Geographic Region




Fremont Office*



Staffing becomes more challenging the less lead time

Bay Area



No shipping required












Case by case

*Demo only


  • Lead times refer to the time from ticket submission (initiation) to day one onsite. Demos may require one or two days on-site prior to the presentation.
  • Timelines can be provided by sales, or delegated to FOPs. 
  • Urgent requests require approval from the Director of O&M, and are dependent on scheduled workload and the scope of the request.
  • Ground shipping is O&M’s preferred shipping method. Certain situations may call for expedited shipping via air but will require the approval of the Director of O&M. 
  • Deployments to countries outside of North America are logistically complex. Each country has unique requirements and considerations.

Background and Context


All robots are assembled and tested in our Fremont, California facility. 

We inspect all incoming material, test subassemblies during the build process and perform final test including burn-in and battle testing.

Our goal is to always have standard robots available in inventory for quick shipment. Before a completed robot gets shipped we perform a final check and ship preparation, ensuring that the robot has received the latest software updates, the robot is clean, and the screen and cosmetic parts are covered with protective film.

Lead time summary when ship request date is entered before noon weekday:

  • Standard Robot lead time: 2 business days from request date
  • Modified Robot lead time: 3 business days from request date
  • Poker Robot lead time: 4 business days from request date
  • New country: up to 1 month lead time from request date


We are set up to reliably ship five new robots per week from Fremont, CA based on the number of shipping crates and personnel we have allocated.

The Robot Shipping Matrix, used primarily by FOPs and Manufacturing to track robot requests, shows what has already been scheduled for any given week.

Truck shipments of the crate vary in length by region. In general, shipments to east of the Mississippi arrive in 4-5 days, to the west in 2-3 days depending on weather and road conditions.

Shipping by truck is the most economical solution for Cobalt and should be the default method for all new deployments.


Any ship request for a standard robot that we receive before noon Monday is ready for shipment and pick up by Wednesday morning. Friday requests will ship on Tuesday.

Requests for a modified robot take an extra business day and need to be clearly spelled out as part of the ship request. Monday before noon requests can ship on Thursday morning.

  • Custom skirt colors*
  • Adding the SafeTrust module
  • Adding a top mounted SafeTrust module
  • Badge reader and which configuration
  • Any stickers*
  • Under lights
  • Thermal camera?

*If in stock from existing batch, +1 day. If its a brand new fabric or sticker from existing batch, lead time is 4-8 weeks.

The most difficult part configuration takes the longest to customize and adds another business day, the poker robot. Requests for a poker robot received on a Monday before noon are ready for shipment on Friday morning because this is a unique build that we do not keep in inventory.

Once we receive an order we will assign a robot # and confirm the requested ship date. The above is meant as a tool to help sales set expectations when engaging with customers and discussing robot deliveries.

Shipments to new countries require a minimum of 6 week lead time because we have to confirm regulatory compliance requirements and understand Wifi and Cellular needs in addition to potentially changing the power cord on the charging dock.