Cyber Security FAQ

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions

What certifications does Cobalt have?

Cobalt is SOC2 Type 2 certified. You can access our latest audit report by emailing support.

Cobalt is HIPAA compliant.

Cobalt is GDPR ready.

Cobalt is CCPA ready.

Do you support SSO / Federated Login?

Yes, we use Okta for SSO / Federated Login, so you can sign in to Cobalt with your work email, once configured.

Does Cobalt encrypt its data?

Yes, all data is encrypted in transit and at rest. We use TLS 1.2 and AES 256 encryption.

I've heard that IoT companies always have bad security...

Many hardware or IoT companies only added security as an after thought, incorrectly hoping to survive with "security through obscurity".

Cobalt was built from day 1 around Cyber Security, with world class experts in security as some of the first members of our engineering team.

Where does the data go? Does it go to the cloud?

  • Live video is streamed to your GSOC and our security command center when needed.
  • Recorded video stays encrypted locally on the robot for 30 days, unless requested.
  • Snapshots of possible security anomalies are uploaded to our AWS cloud for review by our security specialists.
  • "10s Audio Snapshots" of particularly loud or unexpected sounds are uploaded to our AWS cloud for review by our security specialists.
  • Maps of your office, as generated by the robot, and other metadata, are stored in our AWS cloud.

Is someone always watching?

No, the robot detects unusual anomalies with machine learning, and notifies one of our security specialists to investigate further.

I have privacy concerns...

We take privacy incredibly seriously at Cobalt, and every employee takes yearly training on PII and how to protect it. With our protections and technology in place, we believe that Cobalt as a solution provides better or equivalent privacy than existing security cameras.

Will the robot see sensitive information or intellectual property?

We have an optional feature that "blurs" any text detected by the robot before upload, to reduce the risk of capturing sensitive information.

Fig 1. A before and after image of our text-blurring feature

I want to learn more about Cobalt's cyber security architecture

We have a detailed whitepaper covering all aspects of our cyber security. Email support to receive a copy.