Cobalt Elevator API Interface

Integrating Elevators with the Cobalt Robot

Cobalt customers would like our robots to cover multiple floors during nighttime and weekend patrols. To address this need, Cobalt has worked with elevator manufacturers to develop certified solutions that allow the Cobalt Robot to autonomously interface with elevator management systems (both destination and button-push) in order to call an elevator car, traverse the elevator, and exit the elevator car on a different floor.

The Cobalt Elevator API Interface Diagram

Cobalt Elevator API Interface

Elevator Management Actions

For the Cobalt Robot to use elevators, there are specific requests that it will need to send to the elevator management system. The Cobalt Robot is only capable of sending commands to the elevator that a human being would be able to during normal elevator operations. This ensures that the Cobalt Robot is not able to interact with the elevator in a way that would jeopardize the safety of the elevator’s operation.

Required: Both systems (destination and button-push)

Call an elevator car

For destination elevators, request a specific elevator car

For button-push elevators, call any elevator car

Push a floor button Select which floor the Cobalt Robot goes to
Press the “hold door open” button

Control the amount of time the elevator door stays open

Optional: Both systems (destination and button-push) unless otherwise indicated

Determine which floor the elevator car is on Verification of where the Cobalt Robot is in the building
Know which elevator car is coming Position itself in front of the correct elevator car
Reserve an elevator car (destination systems only) Minimize interacting with humans on elevator trips


Personnel and building safety is paramount to Cobalt. While using the elevator, the Cobalt Robot will adhere to the following policies by default:

  • The Cobalt Robot will only attempt to use cars that are in automatic service mode.

  • The Cobalt Robot is NOT able to issue any command to the elevator that a human could not already initiate via normal elevator operations.


The Cobalt Robot will avoid interfering with humans as they use the elevators.

  • During an elevator trip, the Cobalt Robot will wait in the back of the car. It will not move at all within the car until it arrives at its destination and deems it is safe to exit.

  • If a person enters the car while the Cobalt Robot is in the middle of an elevator trip, the Cobalt Robot will pause and wait for everyone to exit the car before resuming.

  • If there is already a person in the elevator, the Cobalt Robot will not enter the elevator, and will instead wait for the next available solo ride (customer dependent).

Network & Data Security

Cobalt takes network and data security seriously. Cobalt is a SOC2 certified organization. All network traffic to the Cobalt server is encrypted in transit using both TLS1.2 and a secure VPN tunnel. In addition, Cobalt will use session-based authentication protocols to ensure only Cobalt Robots are able to send commands to the Cobalt interface. We are happy to share detailed information about our network and data security policies and procedures on request.